Our Pavilion, converted from what was an equipment and hay barn, is drawing rave reviews from the wedding parties, as well as from their caterers, wedding planners and wedding guests.  They love how the casual but comfortable rustic setting helps everyone enjoy a barn party.  They also love how the open side allows the party to spill out of the barn onto the lawn, and how the oak plank walls allow unlimited freedom to decorate.  They love the sturdy farm tables, and the spacious dance floor.  They are reassured by how the Pavilion itself can serve as a rain site alternative for their ceremony.  And they all praise the staff for their helpfulness.  If you are looking for a farm wedding with your reception in a barn, we should be high on your list.

Do you trust Reviews?  We hope so, because the reviews we are receiving are terrific.  We have a page on this site where we have copied reviews for you to check.  You can also find lots of reviews on our Facebook page (see Facebook's Review tab, or take a look at the reviews posted on WeddingWire.com.)  Also, there are reviews on BorrowedandBlue, plus write-ups and pictures of weddings at the farm.  Or just do an internet search for "Wolftrap Farm Gordonsville Reviews" and chase down the latest reviews that way. 

The Pavilion is enclosed on three sides, giving an "indoor/outdoor space" effect, and features:

  • Seating for 150 under the roof, and room for another 40 or so on the patio, with tables and chairs included (but not linens).  The tables are larger than normal banquet tables (8' x 42"), which means they can be decorated more extensively without crowding the place settings.  Also, they have pedestal bases, so no "knee-knocking" at the corners.  The chairs are contoured for comfort, and really are the most comfortable folding chairs you have ever used.
  • Spacious climate-controlled restrooms, with an over-sized ladies' dressing room. The back door of the ladies dressing room opens to allow direct access to the new hilltop ceremony site, allowing a grand entrance.  There are plenty of lights and mirrors in there.  It was planned with brides and bridesmaids in mind.
  • Caterer's warming kitchen, equipped with triple sink, warming cabinet, cooler, microwave, work tables, bakers' rack, and a large back door access to caterer's truck/trailer.  Plenty of electrical outlets and water, including hot water.
  • Plenty of lighting options allow you to change the mood for different activities (fancy carriage lights on the walls, overhead lights that are on dimmer switches, and a rustic chandelier over the dance floor that is also on a dimmer switch);
  • Stage for DJ or small band;
  • Spacious Snap-Lock dance floor;
  • Festive Patio area (great for setting up the bar and gift tables);
  • Acid-Stained Floor (reddish brown);
  • Fifteen ceiling fans for summer; four patio heaters for cool nights;
  • Firepit, and we supply the firewood;
  • Freedom to decorate. with rustic oak board walls that can take a nail and exposed rafters that work great for all those hanging decorations;  (We also have a "closet" which is accumulating left over decorations, such as mason jars, table runners, etc.  You are free to use whatever is there from time to time.)
  • Views of horse paddocks (including horses), barns and riding ring;
  • Parking area close by, with drive that allows for drop-off of guests right in front of the Pavilion;
  • New, hilltop ceremony site behind Pavilion featuring mountain backdrop, with doorway directly from ladies dressing room to edge of Ceremony site;

We also offer additional activities connected with the Pavilion, including fishing, corn hole and other lawn games.  Feeding carrots and apples to the horses across from the Pavilion has become a popular cocktail hour activity. 

When you book a Saturday wedding at the farm, you get the Pavilion from your time of arrival through midnight Saturday, along with lodging in the houses on the farm.  It is also available at reduced rates for Sunday weddings.  The Pavilion can also be rented on week-days (other than Fridays when there is a Saturday wedding booking).

Our Rates

  • Saturday Wedding Package (from 8:00 a.m. Friday to midnight, Saturday) - $8,500, plus $255.50 tax.  This includes Friday and Saturday night lodging in the Manor House, three cottages and Barn Apartment for up to 38 people, plus use of the Pavilion and grounds from time of arrival Friday until Midnight Saturday.  Baldy's Retreat may be added on for an additional $1,000, giving you accommodations for another 13 people.  The Cox Mill House may be added on for an additional $600, giving you accommodations for another 8 people.  That adds up to about 60 people who can be housed on site. 
  • Sunday and Holiday Wedding Package (8:00 a.m. to midnight) - $2,500.  This is for the hilltop ceremony site and the Pavilion.  You may book one or more of the houses for Sunday night at our week-day rate.  If you wish to have your ceremony on the Manor House lawn or beside the pond, you would need to rent the Manor House or Pond House, respectively, for Sunday night at our week-day rate.
  • Weekdays (excluding Fridays and National Holidays) (8:00 a.m. to midnight) - $1,000.  This is for the hilltop ceremony site and the Pavilion.  On National Holidays, such as Memorial Day, Labor Day, Fourth of July, the Sunday rate applies.
  • Weekday mid-day (up to 6 hours) - $500
  • Discount Months:  
    • November- 20% Off on the Pavilion rate, which saves you $1,000 for Saturdays, $500 for Sundays.
    • December,  January, February and March - 40% Off on the Pavilion rate and the rate for the houses.
  • See below for Special Rate for Late Bookings (bookings less than four months from the booking date).
  • The charges stated above are the total charges.  You do not pay extra for the chairs, tables, etc.  The only thing that is extra is if you rent the golf cart.  There are no extra cleaning fees, security fees, administrative fees, etc.  There is no damage deposit, which is not to say you will not be charged for damage that is above and beyond normal wear and tear.  You are required to obtain event insurance.

SPECIAL RATE FOR LATE BOOKINGS:  If you book a date that is less than four months out, the charges for the Pavilion will be reduced by 40%.  For example, if on April 1 or after, you book Sunday, June 25, the current $2,500 Sunday Pavilion fee would be reduced by 40% to $1,500.

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS (Covering lots of things you did not know you should ask about):

1.  Can I use my own caterer and choose my own DJ, florist, and other vendors?  Yes, so long as the critical vendors are insured (caterer, entertainment, and transportation).  Note:  We are a kick-back free venue.  If we give you the names of any vendors, it is because we think well of them, not because they are paying us.

2. Do we need an ABC license?  No, so long as you do not charge (i.e. not a "cash bar"), the event is not open to the public, and you purchase your alcohol from a retail source (ABC store, grocery store, etc.).

3. Are there nearby places for other guests to stay?  Yes.  Roundhill Inn (formerly Holiday Inn Express) & Comfort Inn in Orange (plus local B&B's), Best Western at Zion Crossroads (Gordonsville address), Holiday Inn Express in Ruckersville, and Shenandoah Crossings (lodge, cabins, yurts; Gordonsville address).

4. What is total capacity?  The Pavilion seats 150 under roof, and the patio can be used for overflow for another 45 or so.  However, if you are willing to add tents, we can accommodate about as many as you want to bring.  The houses on the farm (including Baldy's Retreat and the Cox Mill House) will accommodate close to 60.

5.  How do we book?  Once you tell us you have made your decision, we temporarily block the date for you and send you an agreement that a financially responsible person must sign.  You pay a deposit of 50% of your charges (can be broken into 2 equal payments), and the balance is due no later than 10:00 a.m. on your wedding date.  We require that a credit card be put on file to secure the balance due, which we do not charge until the payment is due.  The deposit is non-refundable.  If we email you the agreement and you quit responding to our nagging to sign and return it with your deposit, we unblock your date and move on.

6.  Can we extend our stay?  You can add on a Thursday night in one or more of the houses for half the normal week-day price.  For longer stays, the discount is not as steep, but we will offer one.  If you extend through a Sunday night, understand that we may book another event into the Pavilion for Sunday unless you are willing to pay for the Pavilion for Sunday.

7. Parking?  Parking is provided near the barns and alongside our private road.

8. Camping?  Sometimes guests coming to the wedding want to camp on the farm.  If it is OK with you, it is OK with us, within limits.  We have not been charging extra for this.

9. Clean-up?  Yes.  You are responsible for leaving the grounds and Pavilion as you found it, except that we will clean the floor of the Pavilion, and the bathrooms.  If you use a caterer, you can usually pay them to do most of your clean-up, if you choose.  It is not that hard.  Our dumpster is at the far end of the Pavilion.

10.  Restrictions:  We try to keep them to a minimum, but we are learning as we go.  So, NO CONFETTI!  No smoking near barns, equipment or hay storage, and put butts where they belong.  IF YOU MOVE THE TABLES OR CHAIRS OUTSIDE OF THE PAVILION AND DO NOT PUT THEM BACK, THERE IS AN EXTRA CHARGE.  Furniture from inside the houses must STAY inside the houses.  Your contract will have a "Guide for Using the Pavilion" attached, which includes clean-up guidelines.  

11.  How do I check availability?   Check your date on the calendar (CLICK ON BUTTON BELOW) to see if it shows the Pavilion as "Booked".  If it shows clear, make a phone call to double check.  NOTE:  First Come, First Served.  We do not put "holds" on dates for anyone until you tell us you have made your decision and are ready for us to fill out a contract to send to you.

12.  We want a Saturday wedding, but we do not need the houses; Or we want a Sunday wedding and want to book the houses for Friday and Saturday nights.  Can we do that?  Not during the high demand wedding months.  We avoid taking bookings that interfere with someone being able to book our full "Saturday Package".  Sometimes we make exceptions around holidays or when your booking will fill a slot that otherwise is unlikely to be booked.      

13.  So We Get the Whole Place to Ourselves?   That's right, with an occasional exception*, for a Saturday event.  And that's why you have to book the Manor House, Barn Apartment and Cottages for a Saturday wedding.  There's no one to bother you, and no one for you to bother.  The nearest neighbors are over 1/4 mile away.  There will still be people coming to the stables to tend to the horses, but otherwise, the farm is yours for the week-end (check-out is 11:00 a.m. Sunday).  Our staff will be in and out and available to you as needed.  You will have their cell phone numbers, and several of them live next door.  For Sunday events, if you have not booked all the houses, we may have other parties booked in to the houses. *Here's the occasional exception:  If we start doubting we will get a wedding booking for a particular week-end, due to time passing, lack of inquiries for that week-end, etc., we will eventually start accepting other bookings of the houses, starting with the Pond House as it is further away from the Pavilion.  If that happens, we can still book your wedding and just have you book the remaining houses.  We always warn other guests that they may hear your party, and they accept that possibility.   If you do not book Baldy's Retreat or the Cox Mill House, we allow others to book them, since they are far enough from where your wedding activities will take place that you and the Baldy's or Cox Mill guests should not interfere with one another.

14.  When can I come see the farm?  You may drive through to view the grounds at any time.  You may stop and take a look at the Pavilion at any time, but no Wedding Crashing please.  To see inside the houses, you need to arrange a tour with our staff, and we recommend having our staff accompany you for any serious venue shopping so we can try to answer your questions.  You can arrange that by calling 540-832-1803 or emailing us, using the contact form on our Contact Us page.  The optimal time to tour on a week-end is usually Sunday afternoon, after the week-end guests have departed.  Understand that on a Sunday tour, you will likely see unmade beds, with the houses in the process of being turned for the next guests.  If you can schedule your tour during the week, you can see more and not be as rushed.

Feel free to email or call (540-832-1803) with questions we have not covered above.  To email, just use the contact form on this website.