1. Bookings must be confirmed by credit card.  For normal lodging bookings, no charges are applied until the date of your stay, or upon your untimely cancellation.  Fifty percent is charged for cancellations within 30 days of the reserved dates.  For wedding or event bookings or longer term bookings, a deposit is required.
  2. Smoking permitted outside only.
  3. Release and Waiver required from anyone interacting with equines.
  4. Our standard check-in time is 3:00 pm and check out is 11:00, but we’re rather flexible. Late check-in is almost never a problem.  If you need earlier check in or later check-out, we will accommodate you if we can.  It depends on whether other guests are booked in before and/or after you.
  5.  Children must be supervised. Hazards include hot tub, ponds, cattle and horses, farm equipment, the usual snakes, wasps, hornets, and other dangers of rural life.
  6. No shows/No calls and early check outs will be billed for the entire reservation.

(The following FAQ's are for the farm in general.  On our Weddings & Events - Details/Packages Page, we have FAQ's about weddings at the farm.  If you are a wedding venue shopper, that's probably what you are looking for, and you can read this later.)

1. Is the farm “Rustic”? Does it have air conditioning?

Of course it has air conditioning!  Take a look at the pictures. The houses were totally renovated and modernized, with professional interior design work and landscaping, in 2004-5 (or in the case of the Servants' Cottage, in 2012; and the Milker's Cottage was redone as a guest house in 2015).   This farm is best described as "elegant, but comfortable".

2. It looks like a place where we can bring children. Is that right?

Absolutely! We recommend the Pond House or Milker's Cottage for families with kids, but the Suite plus Bunkroom at the Manor House also works. Typically, the kids are mesmerized by all that open space and so much to see and do outside. The ponds, horses, cows, rope swing, woodland trails, and wide open spaces keep the kids engrossed.

3. Can we bring the dog?

Yes, assuming the dog is well-behaved and not still a puppy that you are training.  We also reserve the option of turning away aggressive breeds.  We generally try to see that guests with dogs book into the Pond House or Servants' Cottage, or the Suite in the Manor House.  It may not be appropriate to bring dogs when you are a B&B guest sharing the Manor House with strangers.  Be warned, there are often farm dogs at the barn, and you should think about using a leash any time your dog will be encountering unfamiliar dogs, especially when you are invading their home turf.

4. Are there restaurants nearby? How far are you from civilization?

You get the best of both worlds – the peace and quiet of country life, but the convenience and pleasures of town just five minutes away. Gordonsville itself has three restaurants that feature fine dining, plus several “down home cooking” establishments, several fast food franchises, two sub shops, and the mandatory Chinese joint. And in Orange and its environs you will find a full range of culinary delights. You will be delighted with the restaurants.

5. Can we ride the horses on the farm?

No, we’re not in that business, but our neighbors at Oakland Heights offer guided trail rides. They are less than one-half mile south on Highway 15. Call 540-832-3350 and talk to David Lamb for details.

6. How convenient are the wineries?

Very convenient. We recommend a trip to Barboursville, where both Barboursville Vineyards and Horton Vineyards have excellent tasting rooms. Barboursville is about 6 miles north of Gordonsville on Highway 33, and while you are there, you can quickly take in the Barboursville Ruins and stop by a few of the art galleries.  There is a newer small winery, Hone Lea, less than 3 miles from our front gate.  Keswick Vineyards is about 15 - 20 minutes away, and our favorite, Early Mountain, is a 30 minute drive from the farm.  You will find more information about the local wineries in our Guest Information Booklet on this site.

7. How far is it to Charlottesville, and how do you get there?

Driving time is about 30 minutes to get to the south side of Charlottesville via Route 231, which you pick up at the Gordonsville traffic circle. However, chances are it will take you more like an hour the first few times you make the trip, because you will be passing some of the most beautiful old estates in Virginia, and you will be slowing down to enjoy the views as you pass through Cismont, Keswick and Shadwell.

8. Do you recommend that we go to Monticello or to Montpelier?

If you haven’t seen Monticello, don’t miss it. But don’t miss Montpelier either! (You may just have to extend your stay or come back again to visit the one you missed the first time.) Montpelier is just on the other side of the mountain range that forms your western vista when at the farm. You can be there in 15 minutes. Monticello is near Charlottesville, and you get to drive through Cismont, Keswick and Shadwell to get there (glorious drive). It will take you 30 minutes. Once you are there, you can also see James Monroe’s home, visit Michie’s Tavern, and visit Trump Winery (Yes, it is owned by "The Donald").